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Rory Gallagher


Rory Gallagher was a legendary Irish blues rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter known for his passionate live performances and virtuosic guitar playing.

In the 1970s, Rory Gallagher was playing a gig in a small club in the United States. As he was setting up his equipment, he noticed that the club’s sound system was not up to par. The sound engineer told him that they didn’t have any spare equipment, and there was nothing they could do to improve the sound. Undeterred, Rory took matters into his own hands. He went out and bought a new amplifier and speaker cabinet, which he set up on stage. He then spent hours tweaking the settings to get the perfect sound. When it was time for the show to start, Rory began playing his guitar. As soon as he started playing, the crowd erupted in cheers. The sound was crystal clear, and Rory’s guitar playing was more electrifying than ever. After the show, the sound engineer came up to Rory and asked him how he managed to get such an amazing sound out of the club’s equipment. Rory simply smiled and said, “It’s not the equipment that matters, it’s how you use it.”

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B&W picture – available in 3 sizes, with or without american frame

40 x 60 and 50 x 75 (unframed or framed) photos are printed in piezography process* 

For any other size or finish, please contact us on the ‘Contact’ page

*A print sublimated by piezography inks will allow you to rediscover the magic of a nuanced print, revealing blacks and whites worthy of silver techniques, transposed into digital.
Longevity of carbon pigment inks
Tests carried out in the USA, in the Wilhem research center, guarantee a longevity of 150 years if these inks are associated with acid-free papers, with the Hahnemühle or Canson paper ranges we work with.
On a more technical aspect, the carbon inks are encapsulated: it is coal dust mixed with a binder which allows to deposit it on the paper. No difference in density between the printer output and after drying. There is a slight evaporation of the binder which stabilizes the pigment on the coating. It remains then the coal dust, which will give the density and nuance of the black and white impression.
The inks are made from pure monochromatic pigments chosen for their resistance to light, available in seven progressive shades, from light gray to black. They are specially designed to reflect light back to the viewer’s eye and completely eliminate color anomalies such as metamerism (which changes color depending on the light source). The Piezography System, monochrome inks, provides a unique photographic look that includes depth and brilliance throughout the image surface.
The formula allows for a longevity that reaches record levels when printing on archival and fine art papers. The print quality is at least equal to the best silver baryta print, if not better.

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small (30 x 45cm), medium (40 x 60cm), large (50 x 75 cm), framed (50 x 75cm)


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